After the structurally deficient prior house, we happened into this house. I haven’t posted about it partially because i didn’t want to jinx it, and partially because most of what has been happening has been boring paperwork hassles.

But baring any new surprises we are closing next friday, and for $25k less than the other house. This place has been in the same family for almost 50 years and while it is a bit out of date, it has been lovingly maintained. The garage is wider and deeper than my current one, and has tons of overhead storage (sadly the 35k miles ‘76 Nova in yhe garage didn’t come with the house. I asked.)


The plan is to do some quick repairs/upgrades and paint and move in so i can start getting my current house ready to go on the market. Then when that sells use the proceeds to pay down the mortgage a bit and do some major upgrades including possibly dormering the second floor.

We also have a serious garden gnome infestation to deal with.

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