LED household lighting question below. Boat + dog for your time.

So, this is totally off-topic I know, but I know there are some Handy Hanks on here so I thought I’d ask. I know someone is even currently remodeling (his?) kitchen, ttyymmnn(??)

Anyway, to the point: Does anyone have experience with interior LED light strips? Like these:


I have a post-and-beam house with a wood ceiling, but not a vaulted ceiling. I am thinking about mounting the LED strips to a small strip of wood along the side of the beam near the bottom. So the LED strip would be on the top of the wood strip, pointing up, bouncing light off the ceiling.

Basically I have no idea if it would be bright enough, or if I would have to put a strip on both sides of every beam, or how I would even set up power to all of these strips without voltage drop/brightness issues... that I can figure out, though. Anyway, I’m curious if any of you have experience.

The area I’m looking at is 32' x 12' and has beams going across the 12' span about every 2 feet, so there are about 16 beams. Right now I have track-mounted lights on the ceiling between every other beam, but only on half the span; the other half is the kitchen which is what we’re tearing up, hence the change in the first place.

This is more or less what it looks like now (but not the kitchen)!