Since my last houselopnik post, I’ve spent the last few weekends doing the master bedroom closet and the entryway and closet. First up was the master bedroom closet, which was just big enough that I treated it as its own room. It wasn’t terrible to start with, but it had the same cheapo carpet that we’re tearing out of the rest of the house, and it almost certainly hadn’t been painted since the house was built in 1990. Not captured well in pictures was the fact that all shelves, trim and baseboards were not the same color as the walls.

As always, tearing up old carpet is deeply satisfying. The closet was given a coat of bonding primer, a coat of paint in the off-white color that eventually all ceilings, trim and closets will be in the house, laid down the new flooring and fresh hardware to match the rooms I’ve already done in the house. The previous owner did put in a new light fixture that I kept. It turned out whoever painted that closet originally only caulked all the joints and trim at around eye level, so I spent much time and a couple tubes of caulk doing everything top to bottom. The master bedroom itself will be my next project after the holiday, and the master bath will get an update sometime next year.

My project this past weekend has been the entryway and closet right off of it. No flooring is involved this time, so this was just paint, hardware and light fixtures. The entryway didn’t look terrible to start with, but it was white (and I’m against white walls in this house outside of a closet because it isn’t the 90's anymore) and ready for a fresh coat of paint. The ceiling in this area and in the closet were past due for fresh paint, as I’d be willing to bet neither had been painted since 1990.


Everything got a coat of bonding primer, followed by painting the ceiling, trim and closet and then the wall color. I’m happy with the end result. I’ve spent a lot of time in closets the past couple of months. I’ll be glad when I run out of closets to paint in this house.


A new (and matching finish) deadbolt and door handle set for the front door will come later. I need to do some homework to see what I actually want, and how good of a lock set I can afford want to buy, and this has implications for all the other outside doors.

I am always closely supervised while working on the house. Ellie doesn’t like anything changing about her house.