Nothing permanent, but just an idea on how it would look. Oppoinions?

This first one here, I laid the rocks along the walkway on the side where the dirt is. They’re just sitting in a little bit of dug in dirt, so they’re not secured. Before I put them there, the dirt just ended at the steps themselves, with no rocks. I’ll be doing the same thing to the opposite side as well. In that dirt area, I may plant grass seeds, and once they grow, maybe put one of those black plastic ponds in, with the waterfalls, and put stone around them.

Here in the second picture, there were landscape timbers where the rocks are, below, and to the side of, those bushes. They looked pretty crappy, so I took the timber out and put more rocks there. I’m going to probably replant those bushes somewhere else.

In this third one here, I’m going to have the stones continue along the path of the steps. I may build it up a bit, and I’m going to trim some of the growth down.


More of the same


I’m also going to be adding more of those LED solar lights. It’s not much but they really add to the look. I’ve got lots and lots of these loose rocks that I can use for the landscaping. I may build up the heights of them a bit, I’m not sure, and I may change the layout and order of the rocks I’ve already placed. This doesn’t even include the other side of the house where there’s three times as much I can do, or up behind the house either.

Ohh, I got some work to do, Oppo. Lots of work.