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After several months of trying to round up quotes, contractors, and idea work expanding my master bath started today. That is the good news. The bad news is apparently I need to find a bathtub like... today.

99% sure we’re going with a freestanding soaking tub because of space constraints. Now comes the choice between cheap Chinese crap, American branded cheap Chinese crap, or American branded but it would be cheaper to make a tub out of actual money.


Right now I’m evaluating based on cost, weight, and warranty length. Weight, annoyingly, is the quality that probably matters the most and also is the one that most seller don’t provide. On the few I do have weights, they vary more than I’d expect.

Right now I am leaning towards going based on brand. Woodbridge gets good reviews on Amazon. Jacuzzi certainly has name recognition, but that seems to cost a premium. American Standard seems to be a good balance between the two. Wyndham is also under consideration due to their prevalence.  

Illustration for article titled Houselopnik - I need a bathtub

What does Oppo think?

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