What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Illustration for article titled Houselopnik: Moving Blues

With two weeks to go before closing on the new garagehouse, I’ve been packing some less essential things and putting them in storage to make the move go more quickly and easily. This is a 10'x10' space, which I’m renting after moving from a 5'x10' a week ago. Normally this would be an opportunity to get rid of things that we can dispose of, which would whittle this pile down to maybe half. Doing so, however, would require consensus from SWMBO who, despite knowing that we have Too Much Shit©, won’t put in the effort to sort through the junk and remove what she won’t need, yet if I throw something out I will definitely hear from her when she finds out and decides she wanted to keep it. Like that stupid exercise bike-lliptical POS that she used maybe three times.


I figure all of this will go in the truck and make it all the way to the new house to get sorted in the garage to either keep, store, do a yard sale, donate, or trash. It's gonna be a busy week.

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