Oppo - I need some input. I’m finally getting around to redoing my house’s floors (living room / dining room / hall / office) and am going to be putting in hardwood. My indecisive nature is making this very difficult.

Thanks, Google.

I had been set on a dark floor (have you seen a really dark stained Brazilian cherry? Oh baby) but as the time to decide draws nearer, I’m starting to thing something middle-ground or lighter might be better. It is not a big house (figure 10x12 for the office; living room is 14x16), and the doors / windows / trim are all very dark wood which I like and do not intend to change. The living room has an ugly fake stone fireplace which I’m going to redo in brick veneer (which I’m also having trouble sourcing).

What do you think? Maybe a maple or lighter cherry? I don’t like oak and big grain / knotty wood. I’ll also be repainting so show me some pictures. It doesn’t have to match my furniture because I have put off buying much anything until I finished the floors/walls.