I’m looking for input from our more residentially-inclined Oppos, or anyone really. My hovel is terrible, and I’m trying to re-design the room layout 1) so it works better and 2) to sell it in about half a decade. Also, termites essentially removed the base plate in my East outside wall, so a renovation is going to be necessary soon.

Current floor plan: The vertical wall between the living room and dining room is assumed to be load bearing based on the original house footprint, so I don’t want to move that one. Everything else is up for grabs. The two storage areas have an insulated aluminum roof and should be considered glorified covered porches. The kitchen has cabinets on the North, South, and a peninsula that drops from North to South. There are no cabinets against the West wall.

Current Layout

Here’s a revised layout as to what I’m thinking would work best. The fireplace will go, as it’s too close to the return air vent to actually work (dumbass who put in the furnace didn’t realize this or didn’t care). I’ve moved the laundry units to stack in the kitchen inside a cabinet. Almost all of other homes in the neighborhood have laundry in the kitchen, but at least these will be inside a cabinet. The sink moves to the window and the peninsula is scrapped, leaving a large u-shaped cabinet/kitchen layout. The main BR and Spare 1 change slightly to accommodate a 3' hallway to hide the bedroom entrances, and this gives me a real hall closet. The appliances are all gas, so relocating them will require running new lines. There’s also only one wet wall, between the kitchen and bathroom. I’d like to keep it at the front of the house.

Proposed Layout

Any insight/input would be appreciated. Have at it.

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