Houselopnik - That escalated quickly...

So before George left to go hang out in Colorado, he noted there was a soft spot in the master shower/ bath wall and seemed to have ants coming out of it. I knew that was not a good thing.

We’ve always hated that bathroom. I call the look “the Home Depot special.” It looks cheap and poorly done. I’ve never tried changing it because I want to expand the bathroom and that is a lot harder than replacing tile.

Anyway! We let it dry out while he was out of town (I use the other bathroom because reasons), and figured we’d remove a few tiles and assess.


Just a few tiles.

Well that escalated quickly.

The white/ green/ blue/ pink/ teal tiles are likely the original, as they can be spied elsewhere. The exposed lathe is due to the water leaking and gradually weakening the plaster (and tile!?).


Ahh well. Having contractors out next week to start quoting and I’ll be putting the whole thing in CAD this weekend to see what is viable. The plan is to completely delete one of the closets in the spare room (on the other side of that wall) which will net us ~2ft of extra room in the bathroom. We’ll use that room to rotate the tub (well... its replacement) 90 degrees so it runs along the windows and put a shower on the other side of it.

Plumbing all runs underneath the tub into the interior wall, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


We plan on hiring the bulk of the renovation done, but we’ll do the tile, vanity, and toilet ourselves.


I’m excited because this project has been on this list since we bought the house. I’m also sad, because I am about to have to part with many of my hard earned munnies. I expect between this and painting the exterior the house is probably going to lighten my wallet to the tune of $25k this year.

Oh the joys of home ownership!

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