Also the carriage house is certainly more massive that I anticipated. (Im 5'7" for reference.)

We went to look at the place Sunday morning. There was already a family there looking at it, so we decided to go look at another listing down the road in the meantime. Absolute shit hole, It looked charming from the curb, but up close it was way too hurt for the price they had it listed for.


We went back to the dream home, and went through it thoroughly.

Both bathrooms were recently done, both have bidets! I legit gasped, not that its a must have, but It’s one of those “just because” things I always wanted (that and a urinal, I’m also warming the wifey up to the idea of having a water fountain in the kitchen) The bathroom work will save us money to focus on the kitchen, which will need it.

The walk up attic entrance is in the middle of the second floor hall way, up the narrowest set of stairs I have ever seen. Only Ikea furniture will make it, meaning if its large and can’t be dismantled its not going to make it. Big dilemma since with out that functioning space the house wont be much more than the 2 bedroom it is now.

Pops in for the height reference.

Enter my cousin, an architect: he suggested the genus idea of reversing the stairs, from counter clock wise to clock wise. This would allow for a second run of full size stairs up to the 3rd floor (loft, w/e), solving the loft problem.

The wall on the right is the front of the house, reversing the steps would make the last flight centers on the 3rd floor.

Again we love everything about the property, and house, the inside just needed some renegotiation.

Under the parquet pattern shown is the original mahogany floor.  

So with the future plans sorted we decided to pull the trigger.

30 min later we get a call from the realtor, the family that viewed the house just before us put in an offer at full asking.... We were going to low-ball, leveraging the 2 bedroom fact, that’s off the table now. Fortunately there offer is an FHA, which has a lot of requirements, and being an old house, its likely it wouldn’t pass FHA standards. We went the conventional route, and added an awesome letter at the suggestion of our realtor. So our offer, though not much more(+500), is much more favorable to the sellers.


Fingers Crossed.

Circled with iphone

Also found this old post card online with a painting of the street the house is on! Old houses FTW.

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