Work continues on the bathroom rebuild, however this weekend was super productive.

Earlier in the week I’d installed the patch in the beam and build the wall studs down to it. This weekend I sistered the two damaged joists, jacked the one sagging one up with my floor jack, and bracketed them to the beam.

The two end beams of this hole also were sistered to give me something to attach the subfloor to.


All the old cast-iron and badly installed PVC plumbing were sawzalled out to be replaced with brand new PVC. Also sistered another joist to be able to patch where the toilet hole was.

The floor was patched with 5/8" plywood (closest match to the original board height), then completely covered in another layer of 5/8" ply to even out everything.


No longer having a giant hole for it to fall into the crawl space, I was able to finish the demo work. The bumpout at the head of the tub was pulled down to be re-built to match the new shower pan, and the crappy plaster on the lower walls was removed to be replace with greenboard. This will be much simpler to fix than scraping, sanding & skim-coating this much square footage.

The area with the old crappy plaster will be covered by the new shower walls, so I’m just patching the sections w/o plaster to keep the insulation in place. This will get the laziest tape job in the history of wall repairs before being covered up completely.


The only boards left to be cut & installed are the lower one here, and the long wall in the first shot. The short wall in the first shot is waiting on re-wiring the light switch as the electrician I hired a few years ago decided running the wire around the front of the gang box & in was an acceptable alternative to running it in through the knockout hole.