Sup guys, its been a while.

The house we wanted, back in March, ended up falling through. (we got out bid)

Since then we have been all over the county (Rockland, NY) looking at houses. (I’m picky and wifey, bless her, lets me have my way.)

We almost went to contracts twice before we decided that we would wait. The first was back in the middle of April, big lot (.8 of an acre) but the house was old and had several odd additions done to it. Additions that from an architects perspective they just said I need more space and just bumped random walls out, there was no flow to it, but it was big.

The second was a small barn conversion, it was cute, well maintained, but the property wasnt large, nor flat. And it had no basement or garage (not that I had to have a garage, but the basement thing was an issue) So we pulled out of that too (this was at the end of may).


Since the season was just picking up and I felt, in both cases, we were compromising we thought we should wait a little longer. The truth is we dont need a place just yet, our wedding isnt till Thanksgiving, so we can afford to wait, at least till September I figure, but if it needs repairs there wont be much time.

Fast forward to today....

We just signed contracts for a beautiful 2 bedroom!

2 bedroom with potential for lifts.


Oh and it comes with a house too!


Quick back story, I drove by this house back in March, but it was already under contracts but the lord is good, and it fell out of contract last Thursday. Juicy reason was that a brother was going to buy it with the down payment coming from the sister, something happened, they fought, and she told him to screw himself and the house.

Enter us... We saw it the very next day, last Friday, and made an offer which was immediately accepted. Inspection was done yesterday, and to day we made it official with a pen and monies.


This was what we waited for! It has .9 acres of flat land, in the best town in the county! And I can keep my arm and leg! It was built in 1925, and was originally owned by 3 brothers that a historic air field across the street, Christie Airport, the airports final flight out was in 1969.

Pics of the wagon in its new room coming soon!