Houseloponic: Installed a RO filter system because Samsung is weird

When I bought this house six years ago I had to buy a fridge. I opted for a Samsung RF4267HARS... AKA an fridge. It was big, had ice and water in the door, pull out freezer, beverage drawer, and side by side upper. Everything I wanted.

Aside from random cracking plastics and the slowest ice maker in the world, it has been a good fridge.


Until my last water filter replacement.

When I replaced the filter I could immediately tell something was wrong. The water didn’t cut off cleanly like normal and actually started dripping a little and also had some air in it. Thinking I’d got a bad filter, I replaced it with another from the pack and moved on.

Two weeks later the “flex zone” drawer had frozen everything in it and the drippy issues persisted.


A little googling revealed the extent of the problem. Occasioanlly non-Samsung filters will damage the filter housing inside the fridge. This causes the filter housing to leak. Said water runs down the back of the fridge and into the “flex zone” which somehow freaks out the thermostat in there, causing it to go into “ruin all the beer” mode.



Faced with a $250 repair because I didn’t want to pay $45 for filters every four months, I looked for other options. Apparently the fridge will operate just find without a filter and you can then put any number of aftermarket in-line filters in going to the fridge for a fraction of the cost.


After a little searching I settled on this because a friend recommended it:


$140 and it comes with everything needed to install it. I can live with that!

Install... honestly was easier than I was expecting. I have a work bench in the basement that is right under the fridge. Basically perfect. Only hiccup I ran into was when I was flushing the pre-filters the water just... stopped. Apparently the unit has an automatic cutoff thing that got angry? I dunno. Dispensing water through the fridge got the drain going again, so I’m not going to think about it.


Install is done, but not I have to wait for the tank to fill completely, drain it, and then we should be good to go. Oh and clean up. Everything needs to be cleaned up.

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