Stressful weekend was filled with stress. More after the jump! For your time.

House listing went live on Thursday. 4 showings Thursday night, three on Friday, an open house on Saturday, an an individual showing in the late afternoon . Multiple offers by Saturday night, and under contract by Sunday afternoon.


Also occurring on Saturday, multiple open house viewings and a cold and windy pizza party at the park. Found a house we liked, worked through the contract and submitted an offer Sunday morning. Updated offer to appease seller a bit by extending the acceptance deadline.

Took Mother’s day off to recuperate and get some wrenching done. Replaced the water pump, plugs, and lower unit oil in the boat.

Came to work to rest. Haha

Now eyeing this beauty.....Will be hard to talk myself out of buying it after we sell the house. Sweet, sweet equity.


When you just gotta get some wrenching done.


If this doesn’t turn them into future gear heads, I don’t know what will.

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