In the never ending sage of home buying in a unreasonably tight home market....

It pays to go big. The missus and I went under contract for the house we originally wanted. So much excite! The buyers we lost out to opted out and the sellers asked us if we would honor our original contract offer with new dates. We said yes, but it was not without drama. They tried to push some dates up since we were provided an inspection. We told them no and if they didn’t like it they could suck it as we had found another house we liked that we were going to be putting an offer in on. No contract deadline extensions. If they didn’t want to lose any more time, they would accept our terms.

So they did. On the plus side, they will be out of the house before we are out of our current house, which means only one move. Now onto scheduling a sewer and chimney inspection.

I moved money to write an escrow check. Why isn’t the money moved instantaneously? Stupid internet.


Any whoo. The house literally backs up to the mountains and is ten minutes from a big reservoir that we frequent. The garage isn’t quite big enough, but no HOA and the view is amazing.

You can go back to work now.