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Ok, I am perturbed. I was going to say angry, or maybe frustrated, but that’s not quite right.


As mentioned before, my ex-wife lives in Houston while I’m in Austin. So with Hurricane Harvey beating up on the Houston area, I’m naturally concerned for my kids well-being. Older daughter was supposed to move into her college apartment last Friday, and when I didn’t hear anything otherwise I figured that they had managed it.

We’ve had a family text message chain going since Friday, verifying that everyone here under the storm have been safe, and we were getting individual responses from the kids. All seemed normal in that regard for the past two days. Then today I find out that they hadn’t actually moved my middle daughter to her 5th floor apartment in Austin, but she is still in Houston! “Something came up.”

I’ll tell you what came up! Flood water, that’s what! WTF do you mean you’re still in Houston?! When are you coming this way? “Monday morning.”


So in addition to everything else they’re going to be fighting heavy outbound traffic from Houston with everyone trying to evacuate from the floods. At 4pm today I was encouraging them to leave immediately. They could all stay at my house until morning, since I wouldn’t be there anyway, but no. They’re not leaving until morning.

I totally don’t understand. It’s not like a tornado that you don’t know is coming. This was a giant hurricane, we knew about it for a week, but they’re still sitting in its path. Stupid.


< update >

I heard from my older daughter this morning about 6:30. “The roads are so flooded that emergency services just came by in a boat. Not going to Austin today. Can’t leave the house. Should have left Friday”


crap crap crapity crap

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