How a broken MGB is making me drive my '70 Corvette 1,500 miles

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I’m pretty excited about this one. Myself and a fellow Opponaut are doing a massive tour of Appalachia in my 1970 Corvette. It’ll be six drive days, nine days total and about 1,500-miles when it’s all said and done.


The car itself is pretty well proven. Last summer Alex and I road tripped it some 700-miles and then I did the Maple Mille in it for another 600-miles. Last winter I spent a lot of time rebuilding the rear suspension and recently took it to an autocross to shake it down. The car works great!


Unfortunately it’s still a terrible road trip car. It is earplug levels of loud, it has an 18-gallon fuel tank and gets 11-mpg on the highway. It has no HVAC system at all, no carpeting, no radio, and no civility at all. Why am I driving this monstrosity on a trip like this? Because MG things!

This is Matt’s (His Oppo name eludes me) 1973 MG MGB. He bought it out of Detroit this winter for cheapy cheap. It’s quiet, gets 25-mpg, has a radio, and is generally a pleasant car. Critically speaking, it doesn’t run. We tried our best to get it ready in time for this trip but it just wasn’t in the cards. We both have “normal” modern cars we could have taken but we both wanted to be silly carbureted idiots.


Because the Corvette is so fucking brutal, we tried to really limit the amount of hours we spend in it at a time. Most of our drive days are 3.5 hrs MAX. This is a vacation after all and 8-hrs of driving in the Corvette is work. Anyways, along the way we are sightseeing America! One of my favorite things. We tried to avoid large cities as much as possible and stick to the backroads where we could putz around at 50 mph and be happier. Along the way we’re going to see Fallingwater, The Museum of the Airforce, and a cool steamship museum in Cleveland.

This is a driving trip after all so we will be hitting the winding roads of the Monongahela National Forest. All in all, I’m very excited! If there are any oppos on our route then we want to meet you! Let’s go for beers. I’ll also be shooting the whole thing for a future episode of Reidus and Cletus!

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