How a Car Wrapping Shop Showed Me My Golf Isn't Interesting Enough

I will be the first person to admit that a Volkswagen Golf is not an interesting car. It’s a sensible, handsome, timeless hatchback that would only gather attention if it was on fire (Although I have gotten compliments on the car from strangers). I realize that in order for this wrapping company to make their event as exciting as possible they would want cars that grab eyeballs and cause envy. I don’t want to sound spoiled or craving attention because it really isn’t the case but the way things took place left me disappointed to say the least.

It starts with the Wrapping Shop in my local city called EVOLUX. These guys comply to the now very popular requests from clients who want to wrap a part of their vehicle. I have seen their work from matte black rims on a Mazda 3 to a full wrap on a new McLaren 570S. They satisfy a huge number of customers, and even if I am not and will probably never be one of them, I respect and admire the work they do. Why would I never be a customer? I absolutely hate the matte look on cars, or the new fad of painting your rims matte black. To me, this is the easiest way to make your car look like a cheap knockoff but it’s a rant for another time.


I follow EVOLUX on Facebook as well as Instagram in part because I like supporting the local car culture and in part because I love seeing the cars driven around the same streets where I live. Then a couple of weeks ago they posted something I was genuinely interested in: “EVOLUX Roadtrip 2016”

An honest to goodness meet up and drive with honest to goodness car people. I was was so excited I immediately e-mailed the company to have my spot; this was in a Thursday. I want to make it clear that this was the only publicity they released. There were no rules regarding type of vehicle, no cost of entry, or restriction of any sort that they announced. I got an e-mail back a day later stating that they were doing final preparations and would release the time and location of the event shortly, they also asked me what type of car I had, if it was modified, my personal information and a picture of the car. I sent everything within minutes and patiently waited for a response.

Saturday afternoon arrived and I was confused as to why I haven’t received any information, so I called the company to make sure there hadn’t been a mistake. Again, they told me to wait for the last preparations but confirmed that they had my info. Sunday came with no response yet and as Monday afternoon came I realized why. The photos and videos of the event that took place on Sunday morning were posted, and it was obvious that the Golf was going to be quite a bit outclassed by the lineup of cars that arrived that day. I immediately realized why there was no response form the company; The type of cars that were attending (And they wanted to attend) were sports cars or at least had the intention of being sports cars.


Seeing through the photos and the videos I couldn’t help but think I would have loved being there.


I have to say I’m not pissed at the company or at anyone who attended, I really am not. What got me thinking was why did they not mention that it was an event of strictly “sports cars” or that they would have some sort of “selection system”that you’d have to comply in order to be able to attend. All the publicity was extremely open and encouraging to go with basically any car you’d like but this wasn’t the case. I sure hope that I find other events such as this because that Sunday drive would’ve been one hell of a good one.

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