So last Friday I posted about going to look at an MX83 Cressida and I was pretty Excited about it.

However I didn’t even go look at it :(. The next morning the Dude Bro, wannabe drifter that owned the beautiful Cressi informed me that he had welded the differential... Dispite the CL ad stating that it was not welded. So this guy welded the diff on a car he was trying to sell... oh here’s the ad.

After bottling up my rage(two hours later) I texted him back and told him I’d still be interested in the car, at 800 dollars less than the asking price of 3300 dollars(I had already told him the most I could pay was 3300, but would need to see the car to actually make an offer). Why 800 you ask?


  1. I no longer trusted DriftBro, if he is dumb enough to weld a diff on an daily driven lux sedan, why would I believe he properly performed the manual swap.
  2. The car had 218,000 miles on it and would be in need ot a new T-belt so theres $100 in parts and 3-4 hours of my time
  3. I would need to replace the Diff now. I had already done my resreach and knew a proper LSD from a turbo Supra, and the needed conversion kit, would cost about 500 dollars, and take 6-8 hours total for a novice like myself.
  4. I just did wan the car that bad any more (not really true, I’m still now on the hunt for a stock X chassis)


Also tonight My maybe going to look at an 88 MX73 which I like the looks of even MORE!

(I dont have any pics of it)