Recent news reports tell of a rash of car burglaries. Groups of hoodlums breaking into new cars on dealer lots and prying out the nav systems. The bad news? Those cars will all be patched up and sold as “New.” Welcome to Michigan.

In this state, dealers can repair damaged unsold cars and NOT disclose so long as they can sneak the repairs in under one of three different exceptions in the law. And the law was drafted and lobbied into existence by the car dealerships. So guess how easy that is?

So my prediction here is that the 100+ cars will all be repaired and sold as “New” without any disclosure by the selling dealers. And if the buyers ever find out? Tough. They’ll have no legal remedy.

Like I always say: I don’t write the laws; I just explain them. Here’s the story in audio:


And video:

And the top shot was in a junkyard I saw on the side of the road in northern Michigan, while I was driving out and about.


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