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How about an announcement?

So, you probably haven’t noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. Been busy with work, home life, you know. But good news! The other half and I are having another child! After one successful pregnancy bringing our daughter into the world in early 2012, she had a handful of miscarriages. Very heartbreaking. We recently got news she is pregnant again, after two years of trying unsuccessfully, and this one is looking good. She’s almost into her second trimester now, whereas with the miscarriages, she didn’t make it three weeks, maybe four. So things are looking good. I hope it’s a boy, but I’d be happy either way. I look forward to another little one I can turn into a Jalop.

We still have the Infiniti, just shy of 270,000 miles now, and the wear and tear on it is getting worse, so once our Durango is fixed up, we’re probably going to sell the Infiniti and maybe get a new car that has a warranty and we just don’t have to worry about for awhile, but we will see on that. Don’t really want a car payment right now but might have to deal regardless. Anyways, good things on the horizon!


Have a picture of my daughter assisting my step dad with a complete engine swap from a Dodge Ram to a Durango.

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He’s teaching her about oil pans and valve covers.

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