Only this time, it's different. Instead of photographing your vehicle, you have to find and photograph anything specific and related in some way to Oppo, according to the current category. You should carry with you an Oppo logo and your username (it can be hand-written/drawn. Don't waste ink if you don't want to) and make sure to include it in your picture. This way we know it's not an old photo and you actually took it. Also, post all pictures to the current thread. If you think you're the first, suggest the next subject and I'll post the new contest when I feel like it. No, this isn't to take away from the other scavenger hunt or anything, but just to add another different sort of game that's slightly easier to play and can include those who don't drive.

Anyway, your first challenge is to find and photograph a license plate that expired at least 10 years ago. Shouldn't be too hard if you have practically any sports bar near you, but I'll give priority to anyone who can find one still attached to a vehicle. Good luck!