My watch has been missing for over a week. This whole time, I've been suspecting that my gf, who is sometimes too quick to put my things away where I can't find them, had put it somewhere and forgot about it. Well, I was wrong.

The two of us have been driving each other nuts trying to look for this damn watch. I was irritated that it was missing, but also pretty confident that it would turn up, because I knew I had taken it off either at home, or at her mom's house. She was almost more anxious to find it than I.

Last night, after she went to bed, I decided to look under the TV stand in the living room for some reason. There were a bunch of cat toys that had been batted under there, but no watch. Then randomly it occurred to me: DID I TAKE IT OFF WHEN I WAS MESSING WITH THAT LIGHT BULB ON MY CAR???

(When I took my 135is out of storage, one of the aftermarket LED angel eye bulbs was flickering. I spent a bunch of time wrangling my hands in there to take it out, when I found that it was just loose in its socket. I tightened it back up and it's fine now.)


So I went down to the garage, poked around for a bit, and sure enough, it was right there where I left it. After ~10 days sitting in the garage, it even has a full power reserve. I suppose my garage isn't very well sealed against light during the day.


Anyway, my gf wakes up a lot earlier than me, so I put the watch on the counter, along with a note.

So yes, I'm a dork because I took my semi-expensive watch off to mess with a light bulb on my semi-expensive car, forgot about the watch for over a week, secretly blamed my gf for hiding it from me, remembered where I put it while looking for it in a place it never would have gotten to, and then left a note about the ordeal.


Hey, at least I found the thing.