How am I going to move 4 more cars to my apartment?

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Without one of 2 things happening, pissing off my girlfriend and them all getting towed for being parked somewhere...


Not that my girlfriend actually cares where my cars are or what I’m doing with them, she’s not stopped me once from buying a car in the time I’ve been with her. And as far as a car getting towed, We have a large public lot we use around the corner and I haven’t seen any signage saying I can’t leave cars there for extended times without them moving, although I would probably cycle through them to prevent any potential issues. Like one day use the Fiero, next is the Saturn, then the Saab, then my Subaru and finally the Suzuki.

I could always part ways with some of the cars only keeping the oddities, those being the Saturn, Fiero, and Saab. But that means losing the functionality of having a Forester for harsh North Country winters and the basic SUVness too.


Then there’s just the logistics of moving all these cars up here, I mean I could get a group of people together, but then there’s the whole recruiting a group of people who can drive stick, and be competent enough to pay attention to the gauges, specifically in the Fiero because 31 year old car that I haven’t driven on public roads in a year now (whoops). I could always pay a transport company to move the cars up here too, but then there’s the stress of finding someone willing to do it and be able to keep a schedule, which never happens.

I guess I’ll just have to move each of them myself if I want to keep them and use them up at my new place, whether I just rent a Uhaul and trailer or drive each individually is to be decided.


I would attach pictures of all the cars, but due to technical issues my laptop nuked all my photography folders and I can’t be bothered to go into my backup and reupload them into my laptop.

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