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How are the driving roads where you live oppo?

I live in the Chicago area and I really really hate it. I grew up here but lived in the Denver from 2014-17 and coming back has just crushed my spirit. A big factor is a severe lack of driving roads, I don’t enjoy cars here anymore and that’s been a huge passion of mine for over a decade. So I’d like to move in the next year or two but really have no idea where to. So where do y’all live and how is it? I loved the mountain scenery and the tight roads in Denver but not really looking to move back there, looking for somewhere new. In the meantime, hopefully this weekend or next I’ll see how much enjoyment I can get out of a 2013 Rio automatic in the Galena area. As an alternative, if any Chicago area OPPOs have good routes I’d love to try them, still want to move though. I found this as my current inspiration, it’s just a ways away.


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