Halfway through July, a couple friends and I are driving from Vancouver, BC, to Montreal, QC. I'm selling both my cars due to their lack of road tripping ability, and am looking for the ultimate road trip car for the broke kid. Preferably wagonish, relatively good on gas or ultra-reliable, preferably both, comfortable, and not terrible. (ex: beigemobile)

An S10 Blazer has just become an option, due to the fact that a friend bought one, and drove it all the way to the Yukon and back without a single problem. He said he'd sell it to me for $600, since he knows I'm looking for a trip car. What do you guys think? I've mostly been looking for Volvo 240s, Subaru Legacys, Crown Vics, W123/W124 Merc wagons, Corolla wagons, and something like this never crossed my mind, I know nothing about them except that they have the 4.3 V6 that's rather unkillable, and are essentially a light truck. What thinks ye Oppo?

Have a first gen Vanquish for your trouble