How bad can it be?

Now that I’m finally getting a car worth taking to the track I was wondering what tracking a car actually entails. Since many of you autocross your cars, I wondered if you had any tips or recommendations.

The two tracks in the Mexican Valley that have trackdays are Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City; a GP track with a lot of history that costs anywhere from 150-250 dollars a day to go to a trackday.


Then there’s Centro Dinamico Pegaso in the outskirts of Toluca, however they do not publish pricing options. Its more a test facility than a track to be honest.

And to me paying 250 dollars for a day at a track seems exorbitant, but then again, I’m new to all of this and I don’t really know if its a bargain or expensive.

I decided that before tracking the car I should save up for a while and invest in tires for the track and for shorter maintenance periods, which would end up costing up to 2500 dollars per year if I were to track the car five times (the car’s tires are way more expensive here than in the US for some reason and make up 50% of the budget) so it would be an unsustainable hobby.


So any recommendations?

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