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How Bad of An Idea is This?

Someone’s selling a ‘53 Chevy 210 sedan - not the most desirable year or model, but I’ve always liked the look of the ‘53 and ‘54 models, and the 2-speed Powerglide and Blue Flame straight six is supposed to be a pretty durable powertrain.


Price seems decent, but I really don’t have a great frame of reference on that, given the wide gulf in values between 4-doors and 2-doors. Also, some semi-worrying things - much of the chrome on the front has been painted over (maybe the result of a cheap paint job over rust or something), and that stuff can be expensive to replace (don’t think they make repro pieces for all of it), hubcaps are from the early ‘60s, missing horn ring, signs of rust on the dash, etc.

Oh, and I really don’t have space, exactly. Maybe I could cram one more in the drive, otherwise something’s going in the street. A Beetle or something, I could park easily, but this is a large(ish) family sedan.

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