Lets all compare engines. Using your hp-per-liter and cylinder size measurements, you can scale your engine size up and down to see what it would be like with fewer or more cylinders. Follow the example I show after the break and share your results!

My Neon has a two liter I-4 putting out 132hp. This means that it makes 66hp/l and displaces 0.5l per cylinder. These are my base stats.

If I were to scale it to match different engine configurations, with the same cylinder size and hp/l rating, I get a:

  • 1.5l I-3, 99hp
  • 2.5l I-5, 165hp
  • 3.0L I/V-6, 198hp
  • 4.0L V-8, 264hp

How does your powerplant stack up against mine?

I'm actually pretty impressed with it, in V6 form it makes about the same power as GM's infamous Series II 3800 with 0.8 liters less displacement, and as a V8 it matches the contemporary Mustang GT with 0.6 liters less!