Or “Why didn’t they just make the M2 CS the M2 in the first place?”

The rumor of an M3/4 powered M2 has given me an idea: what if that’s the way it was from the beginning, and all the coupes (the real ones mind you) got a bigger engine?

M2/M3 - 425 hp I6

M4/M5 - 550 hp V8


M6/M7(?) - 675 hp V12


They’re never going to make an M1 or 1M that isn’t a supercar, so why bother acting like it? Plus, that would open up the wonderful possibilities of a 450i (Gran coupe too) and 660i, not to mention the hilarity of the X models with the bigger engines.


The M4 GTS would still have its 500 hp I6 just like the 911 GT3 RS has a smaller engine (diemensionally and weight) compared to the 911 Turbo S and also goes for a higher price but we’d gain perhaps an M5 CSL (woo!) or an M3 or M2 GTS using that same engine.

Th only real downside I can think of is that it kind of makes the original monikers of M3 and M5 lose their prestige as they are no longer the pinnacle of their chassis but BMW has kinda done that themselves already :/