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How can I help someone who never learns?

I have this friend who never learns from his mistakes, I feel like a babysitter. I’ve known him since high school and he is a good guy but he just has that previously mentioned issue. He just got a ticket last week in his fart can Civic for farting around like Civics do.

Now, about a half hour ago we were cruising around in our separate vehicles and we were about to merge on to the freeway. I was leading and I noticed there were two police cruisers behind my buddy. I kept it slow so maybe he would notice them, I even tried calling him. But right as he answered me, he shot past me over the on ramp lines, farting full blast (like Civics do). You can probably guess that both cruisers lit up and pulled him over.


Oppo, this is an ongoing trend with this guy in multiple facets of his life. I turn to you for wisdom as I want to help him succeed. What should I do as a friend?

Pic of my weekend in Winchester Bay, Oregon to keep it somewhat related.

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