There is a TV show, which most people are aware of, called Ancient Aliens, this show features a bunch of lunatics spinning tidbits of information into outlandish claims that aliens were here on earth hundreds to thousands of years ago.

Here's how it works: The ancient Greeks and Romans had a myth that the sun was pulled across the sky each morning by a god named Apollo in his chariot of fire. The show's writers then claim that Apollo is an alien. Then the writers prove their claim by saying that rockets shoot out fire, therefore his chariot of fire was actually a rocket. Then they will reveal that they can claim that based on a vaguely phallic image carved onto a wall in an ancient Roman bathroom. The writers will further delve into this discussion until they can create enough evidence to back up their original claim that Apollo was an alien who came to Earth and fucked with the ancient Romans with his future space technology.

The producers, directors and actors of the show will then take this script and turn it into a TV show. They get paid by advertisers who use the commercial breaks to sell you Viagra and what not. The same things seem to happen at car magazines.

Rumors are constantly being circulated about a new RX7, "Mid-engined" Corvette, a new Ford GT, and many others. More often than not, these are all made up based on wishful thinking and the bullshit. But, the writers will perform research and ask people on the inside for bits of information, the more trivial and miniscule the details, the better, because it allows them to take greater liberties and leaps of faith.


So, will Ford say something like, "We are looking to continue racing."

The writers will get this and say, "How about a new Ford GT?"

Ford: "Our intentions are to continue with our DP and LMP2 EcoBoost engine program."


The writers don't get a "yes" or "no," therefore new Ford GT and it will race at Le Mans 2016 because the Ford GT first won Le Mans in 1966 which 2016 will be the 50th anniversary.