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How many of the world’s top 15 car manufacturers have you owned cars from? I’m stopping at 15 because after that the list starts to be dominated by Chinese brands I guess most of us have never heard of, never mind owned. Cars from brands which were independent when yours was built but are now part of a big brand count.


The most recent authoritive list I could find was 2015. In that year, the largest manufacturers (by production volume) were:

  1. TOYOTA 10,083,831
  2. VOLKSWAGEN 9,872,424
  3. HYUNDAI 7,988,479
  4. G.M. 7,485,587
  5. FORD 6,396,369
  6. NISSAN 5,170,074
  7. FIAT 4,865,233
  8. HONDA 4,543,838
  9. SUZUKI 3,034,081
  10. RENAULT 3,032,652
  11. PSA 2,982,035
  12. B.M.W. 2,279,503
  13. SAIC 2,260,579
  14. DAIMLER AG 2,134,645
  15. MAZDA

I can claim 9 of the 15: I’m missing Hyundai, Suzuki, BMW, SAIC, Daimler, and Mazda. I can see myself picking up a Beemer or Mazda at some point, but the others don’t have a lot in their current or back catalogues which rattle my cage, with the honourable exception of a few Mercs which realistically I’ll never afford.


Also: surprised to see Suzuki at #9? I was. Turns out it’s because they’re really big in India: around half of their total production is Marutis.

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