How commenting on Oppositelock got me out of a speeding ticket

So guys, I get pulled over this morning on my way to work. I’m doing about 102 in a 65 zone, while weaving through traffic, and generally driving as one who owns a BMW does. As soon as I saw the trooper, I see that he is beginning to put the cruiser in drive... SHIT!!! So I pull over and get my info ready. He comes up and gives the usual “Do you know how fast you were going?” I told him I was too important to notice peasant things like speed limits, so I’m not sorry. He asked me a weird question...

Cop: “What’s with the oppo sticker”

Me: “What?”

Cop: “Are you E90M3, you know, the one who does the unnecessary car shopping?”

Me: “Ummmm.... Yes. Are you an opponuat?”

Cop: “Oh ya. It’s my homepage in the cruiser.”

I couldn’t believe it. I’m not going to let his handle go in case he wouldn’t want me to, but he let me go. Oppos are awesome. I love this place and it just goes to show that even a small chat area on a random website can create the feeling of community. We talked for like an hour. I wasn’t late to work just because I was able to max the BMW the rest of the way to work. Anyway, thought you guys would think it’s funny.


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