There’s a semi-controlled intersection I pass on my way to work every day. I’ve seen numerous collisions and their aftermath here, and last night another, fatal accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck.

The intersection connects a road leading to a gated community (which despite what you might think that implies, it’s all bungalows and ranch homes that are decades old) and a 50 mph, four lane highway. There’s only a stop sign for the road, and there’s usually a line of cars here (for some reason I don’t think anybody here knows there’s a second exit from the subdivision a block further down the road). In true Texas fashion, people are always pulling onto the highway without looking, or just barging into the traffic. This has resulted in an endless stream of T-bone collisions, side-swipes, and even several roll overs that I have witnessed. When I pass I always have my hand ready to lay on the horn.

I see the intersection was the subject of a traffic study last year, but I haven’t found anything suggesting they’ve decided to put a light here. Only five years ago there would have been a lot less traffic in this area, but now things are getting pretty crowded, and going to become more crowded as the land across the street gets developed. The crashes keep happening, and happening more frequently.