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How did I miss Rod Millen climbing Pikes Peak in an Electric car?

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How is the King of the Mountain climbing it this year? Well, in the Electric class! How could I have not heard this news? It makes a lot of sense too, if if you think about it.


A hill climb is the perfect opportunity for electric race cars, particularly at Pikes Peak. Unlike most other forms of racing, they need less than 11 minutes worth of electric charge, which is quite possible with current technology. And while petrol powered cars need massive forced induction systems to get enough oxygen in the thin air, an electric motor can deliver constant power regardless of altitude. How much power? Toyota improved Rod's EV P002 in the off-season to make 536HP and 885 fl lbs of torque! All that power gets put into a Radical Sportscars chassis which has been modified with the usual Pikes Peak style massive front and rear wings.


So, can the upgraded Toyota beat its own record of 10:15.380 set last year? Can they challenge for the overall record which currently stands at 09:46.164 set by his son Rhys?

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