Someone’s going to die.

I park in a two story parking garage at my office. We own a suite in a smallish three story office building. My office is on the opposite side of the building from where my car is parked. I get to the office early in the morning park against a wall to minimize to door dings. I park in that spot because I think the car is safer facing the street, under a light, on the main level of the parking garage.

I went out today to leave for a meeting and found greasy fingerprints on my hood and shoe scuff marks on my bumper. There was a cig butt on the ground next to my car. I’ve noticed this happening a couple times before but I hadn’t been sure before. Today it was obvious that someone has been sitting on the hood of my little Fiat and it makes me quite angry.

I chatted with the receptionists in the building, asking who goes out to that area and smokes. I didn’t get any good leads. I’m wondering what the best action would be.

Do I leave the following note?

Please do not sit and smoke on my car. If you continue to do so, I will slit your throat and bury your body in the desert.


Should I buy a battery-powered, motion sensor activated little camera? Should I sit in the back of the car and just wait one morning with a hand gun?