So there is a 90%chance that I am going to be adopting my 7 year old nephew. It’s been a possibility for some mptime now, but in the last few weeks it’s turned into some thing that will be happening and happinging soon. My Sister has some mental issues that make it very difficult to support herself, and almost. Impossible to care for a child, my parents have been raising her son, and have had guardianship of him for the last year. Well they are in their late fifties and can’t physically handle the task of handling a 7 year old, and they have asked us to take him. We didn’t think my sister would agree to it but she has. And we told her that if we take him, we are taking him until he’s old enough to decide who he is going to live with. I don’t want to raise him, and love him, and care for him, just to have him ripped out of my arms in 4 or 5 years. So any way last week end we got him a bed, it was free and it’lol work. But I remembered that this summer when he was visiting us he sayer to my wife “Aunty wouldn’t it be cool if I had a racecar bed?” Keep in mind that right now he sleeps on a couch because my parents live in a 600 square foot tiny house. Money is tight, and it’s going to get tighter when he gets here, so how do I convince her he needs this badass ZO6 bed? Also this bed is 280 bucks on toys R us.