How do I get rid of a pushy/clingy person?

I was too polite and made the mistake of being friendly to someone at an event. Now I just want him to leave me alone and fuck off. Gemballa Mirage GT for your time.

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Anyway, he came off as well-meaning and friendly, but not someone I’d want to be friends with. I humored him and chatted when he wouldn’t leave me alone. Fortunately, the event ended and we finally parted ways and I never saw him again...until a year later at another event. Fuck me.

He approached me again, and I tried to be cold and dismissive so he’d take a hint. Nope. Instead, he’s become annoying and clingy. He’s texting nonstop (despite complete radio silence from my end), and he’s offering to drive 90 minutes to my area so we could hang out (despite me never discussing meeting up again in the future).


Dude, fuck off. I’ve read one too many Let’s Not Meet stories on Reddit, and I’m not planning on submitting my own.

I’m probably just going to block his number and be done with it, but that seems pretty immature and I feel like I at least owe him an explanation. Plus it would make it awkward AF if I ever bump into him at another event (which I probably will). But at least he’d get the hint.


So what say you, Oppo?

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