What’s the smartest way to do this? I’ve heard that it’s “impossible” but also that it is possible. For whatever reason, the rest of the world gets tires in sizes Americans just aren’t allowed to have.

I know the conventional reply is that those tires aren’t sold here because they’re not DOT compliant. But I’ve found some tires that would work great on my Baja Saab project - and which are DOT compliant, and the larger sizes of which ARE already available in the U.S. - but the skinny size I need only seems available literally EVERY PLACE ON THE PLANET EXCEPT THE UNITED STATES. Which is super F’n frustrating. I can find them in Europe, Asia, Russia, and Australia. The Americas? Nope.

So how do I get them from literally any other point on the globe, to where I am, without spending a fortune? I already tried contacting the U.S. distributor and haven’t heard anything back.

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