Calling all electrically well versed Opponauts and Opponautettes.

I have these regular christmas lights, which you plug into the wall and they light up and blink. They have a “controller”, which is a tiny box with one button. You press the button to cycle through different light patterns (slow, fast blinking, switching lights, etc.). The eight pattern is just the lights staying still. Just like this picture.

Illustration for article titled How do I hack my christmas lights to have just one pattern?

I want to just plug them in and have them stay still, all completely lit up without blinking and shit. How do I do that?


I tried googling but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Can someone point me in the right direction, just tell me some keywords to google, or tell me what is the thing I want to do called, is there a technical term for it so that I can find out more?

I have never touched a wire in my life, and I want to learn a bit about soldering and stuff, as I’ll be getting a car soon which I’d like to work on myself. This seems like this is a good place to start + it solves an annoying problem.

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