How do I make my wife care about my car

My wife drives my Miata. She is not a clean person, and when I got in the car today (bald tires so I didn’t want her driving it to work; new tires coming later this week) I was actually repulsed at the condition. A thick layer of sand on the carpets and floor mats, a literal layer of sticky black squick on the steering wheel (????) and unbeknownst to me the factory leather steering wheel has started peeling off little pieces of rubber when you grab it and needs a cover or replacement. The cupholders are full of trash and change and there’s just crap everywhere. Thing is she doesn’t seem to give a shit since “it can be cleaned off and it’ll be fine” but it still bothers the absolute shit out of me that my car isn’t kept clean. I don’t expect daily details or anything but just the bare minimum of taking trash out when you leave, shaking out the floor mats before they overflow and start mashing dirt into the carpet, etc. would be fuckin great.


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