My roommate is currently someone that came with me to Oklahoma to go to school since this school was really good for both of our majors. I thought it would be good to have someone that I knew room with me in college in case the suddeness of not having my parents around all the time got to me.

He's just been really annoying really. He screams when he watches League of Legends on his computer and he plays his music out loud and he's a hypocrite about his own rules that he makes. He spends most of the day playing games and having to talk to his friends at the same time and it just annoys me.

For those who remember I posted about getting an RA position, I also get a single room but I have the option of rooming with him for 50% off housing, but I just don't think I'll be able to stand him.

Tomorrow he wants to go check out the dorm I'll be in charge of (the oldest building on campus, so it's not the best) to see if it's up to his standards and I just want to tell him that I don't want to room with him and for him to leave me alone cause I've had enough of him and his BS. Should I be upfront about it or should I just leave it and put up with him for another year.

Oh and for those who see my (I'm looking for a car but it's difficult cause college.) posts, I've added 2003-2004 Lexus GX and RX to it. It irks me they're the same price right now cause we own a 2003 GX and it totally cost more than an RX back in 2003.


Oh and picture. Disco Volante. Always welcome on this blog.