I’d been chasing my neighbor’s tuned Sti last summer and with suspension mods I’d finally gotten to the point where I was consistently as fast as him. Now he has a zo6 and I’m probably going to be left in the dust. What to do?

Today I ordered new front and rear sway bars, as well as endlinks and new Dunlop Direzza ZIII tires. That, plus an aggressive alignment (first alignment since buying the car) should represent a huge decrease in lap times compared to my car at it’s previous fastest setup. With a slight fender roll I should be able to FINALLY fully realize the full extent of my suspension work.


But I don’t think that will be enough... That damn Corvette is just nuts. I’m almost positive I can keep pace in the curves—or even pull away—but in the straights or gentle turns that V8 is just going to wreck my day.

Any ideas on what I can do to help my chances, that don’t involve increasing horsepower? At the moment I think my biggest chance lies in the fact that the z06 is my friend’s first rwd car and he has only had it a few days, whereas I know the Miata intimately and have thrashed it at 11/10 for many hours on end. We’ll be going to a track that neither of us have any experience on

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