Anyone that drives in the US knows we have some of the worst drivers around.
Phone use
10 under in the left lane
Swerving inbetween cars to get to the destination 30 seconds faster
Stopping in the lane with your turn signal on until someone lets you merge, meanwhile traffic gets backed up behind you because you’re too damn lazy to just go to the next exit

Ok that’s enough examples. But how do we change these horrible behaviors?

My vote is every 5 years when you renew your license you have to retake the written test and driving test. New part of the driving test will require you to put your phone in the cupholder with the volume as loud as it will go. Throughout the test the instructor will call/text your phone randomly and if you so much as touch your phone, you fail the test.

The US idea is that you can’t fix the driver so you have to “fix” the car. Which is why we have so many damn safety requirements for cars. Not just crash test, but ABS, Stability Control, Backup Cameras, and probably not far away, automatic braking.

One thing I loved learning about Germany driving when I was over there is at 16 you can only get a moped license, 50cc bike, that’s it. You can’t get a more powerful motorcycle or even a car until 18 years of age. Then if you want to tow a trailer you need to take an additional drivers test for that, depending on the size/weight of the trailer determines which license level you need.