How do you choose a race team to root for?

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When I was a kid, it seemed easier to attach myself to a sports team or an athlete and root for them. Whether it was their colors, their personality, or a funny commercial, I would find a way to say, "that's my favorite because..." For example my favorite NASCAR driver growing up was Bobby Labonte, because it was the first die-cast that I ever bought.


Now a days, I have somewhat moved on from Nascar and started watching more road racing, especially the TUDOR series. The problem is, I don't really know who or what I am rooting for. I don't know many of the drivers, and they are not exactly big TV personalities like NASCAR so it's hard to base it off a likable personality. I really have no other personal connections to the manufacturers, drivers, or anyone how do I choose? Or do I just watch the race for the sake of watching the race like I have been.

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