So as I mentioned to a few of you, my plan this weekend was to go to Big Sur to go camping this weekend. The plan was to take and post a plethora of beautiful pictures of my truck majestically posed at the top of a mountain over looking the ocean. Instead, I learned that Los Padres national forest is completely closed to camping because of the Soberanes fire.

So instead of driving up a mountain to perch on top of an ocean away from almost everyone, we were stuck camping in the parking lot of a over full campsite right next to the road.

I have to say, I’m pretty pissed. I checked out all the websites and such and nothing explicitly said the whole forest is closed. We weren’t even allowed to go up the road to hang out. No one in the camping area was allowed to have fire of any kind... even in the fire rings! We still had fun, but it was a huge let down.

Anyway, lesson learned, we’re taking it North next time until they can figure out how to reopen Big Sur. Have a conciliation picture of my truck posed semi-majestically.