how do you get a kid to eat

like anything, my 5 y/o daughter has decided dinners are unnecessary. her eating habbit has seemed to get worse over the last few weeks. I think my 11 month son out eats her. and that was just the beginning of the night.

I came home with a xmas tree stand and said hey lets go get a xmas tree. Even with that incentive, still wouldn’t eat. By the time she was done, and we got to the tree place, it was closed. (6: 15, seems kinda early to close but i guess its still early in the season. we come home, we get and my daughter decides to stand on the little brothers ride on train, which promptly rolls out from under her sending her to the new hardwood floor on her elbow. after an hour of debating if it broken or not she finally goes to bed, where my son trips, hits his mouth off the wooden bed frame and splits his lip for a nice mouth full of blood.


No hardwood flooring was harmed in the making of tonight.

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