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How do you listen to podcast?

Do you even know what they are? As I've states numerous times on the site(sorry if you find it annoying) I've started a podcast with a couple of my buddies; it's mostly car related stuff; mostly stories about stupid stuff we've done in with or two cars or the particular type of person We hate as drivers.
The problems recently come up where everyone involved in making the podcast owns an iPhone please make sure it's really available on that platform, but will try and send it off to android and Windows phone and blackberry(people still have those right?). This
To a lot of roadblocks we made available on iTunes stitcher and podomatic. We could really is a lot of help from those with different types of phones as to how they listen to podcast.

If you like to help I'd very much appreciate if you could leave a reply saying what type of phone you have and the method you listen to podcasts.
(if you want to check it out as well it's quite funny and good for a commute each episode about 40 minutes and we would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone on oppositelock could provide, you're the target audience so we want to make you all happy. Its a bit NSFW (if your not listening on headphones) there are a bit of swears, and some not so PC discussions. Some may find it offensive... so you know its gonna be good!
This is the latest episode

Find it here as well

Download to your podcasting app here,


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