I realize what’s “Official” varies from country to country, dialect to dialect, marketing department to marketing department (afaik “Hyundai” is said quite differently in adverts in the UK and the US)

These two are interesting, in that they are not based upon anyone’s name, or a particular language/nationality as far as I know. (So in other words, you can’t make the argument of “Lan-chyah is the ‘most proper’ way to pronounce Lancia because it’s an Italian last name and hence it would follow Italian pronunciation rules”)

I’ve heard both “Ack-eur-uh” and “Ah-kyoor-uh” for Acura

For Celica, I’ve heard “Seh-lick-uh”, “See-lee-kuh”, “Seh-lee-kuh”, and in some non-rhotic accents, you’ll hear “See-lee-ka[r]” if the next word starts with a vowel (the “intrusive r”). (I think Jeremy Clarkson’s accent is like this; I don’t know about “Celica”, but I think there’s an episode of Top Gear where you can hear him pronounce “arena” as “arena[r]”, or maybe it was “vanilla” and “vanilla[r]”)

(While I’m at it, I’ll mention that I’ve heard “Nih-zan,” “Nih-san”, “Knee-sin” “Knee-san” and “Knee-zan” for Nissan. Anyone know which one is the closest to the Japanese pronunciation?”)

Anyone know if Acura or Celica is pronounced the same in at least official TV adverts or anything like that in more than 2 countries of the Anglosphere?